Turn heads with a one shoulder dress


The one shoulder dress is a very elegant outfit. (Net photo)

Fashion evolves and some trends have a way of making a comeback, like the one shoulder dress, for example.

Just one of the many chic trends to add to your wardrobe, the one shoulder dress is now a favourite mostly for fun night outs.

It has been seen at international red carpet events like the Grammy’s and Academy Awards, and, on our very own streets.

According to Uwamahoro Delphine, a local fashion designer, to rock a one shoulder outfit, especially a dress, one must choose the right accessories.

Uwamahoro says that with a one shoulder dress, one must not go overboard with jewellery.

She says, “It looks more elegant with a simple necklace or earrings but not both, depending on the dress, since some of these dresses might not need a necklace. Earrings and a bracelet might just be enough to complete one’s look.”

She adds that this style, most of the time, is worn at classy gatherings, like red carpet functions and maybe wedding ceremonies. Therefore, one must pair it with a sizeable clutch, preferably a small one to keep the look elegant.

“You do not want to carry a large clutch or handbag to such functions, worst of all clad in such an outfit because that would really look weird and is a big ‘fashion don’t’,” she says.

One shoulder dresses, she says, make a lady look classy and therefore, one should be also be careful with the shoes they choose to wear.

High heels, the designer says, are best depending on the event. However, flat sandals also work for a short one shoulder dress.

Uwamahoro says that like any other cutout outfits that show skin, one must be careful with their choice of underwear, in this case, the bra.

 “One serious turn off in fashion is when what is meant to stay underneath the clothes is exposed, for example a bra,” she says.

She says that one must choose to either go braless, or wear a strapless bra, depending on where the cut-out is. Alternatively, one can wear a one shoulder dress with a colourless strapped bra underneath so as to keep comfortable and still look good.

Uwamahoro also advises that since ‘smartness knows no weather’, to be truly smart; one must not cover it up with a blazer or scarf because this kills the whole look.

She adds that whether one decides to hold her hair back or let it down, one must keep it together to avoid covering the main focus which is showing the shoulder.