‘Rwanda is a secular State for some reason’


A cross-section of Rwandans during a prayer session in the past. / File


RE: “Rwanda is a secular State for some reason” (The New Times, April 13).

It was high time this principle of keeping religion out of public workplaces was enforced. Some might claim that there really is no harm in letting believers congregate to pray together at work as this need not impinge on the rights of those who do not share their beliefs, but that is rather specious.

Many fellow workers who do not share the beliefs of those of the majority who want to pray at their place of work may feel under peer pressure to join in even against their own wishes. Plus, sectarian religious devotions have no place at work; there are churches, chapels, temples, mosques and other places of worship for that, or even at people’s own homes.

Mwene Kalinda