Police investigates death of Kicukiro businesswoman

Police are investigating the circumstances under which a 58-year-old businesswoman died from her home in Kicukiro District on Thursday.

Christine Iribagiza was found dead at her home in Niboye Sector, along the Sonatubes-St. Joseph Primary School road, and according to police, it is too early to determine the circumstances surrounding her demise.

“Right now, all we can confirm is that the lady was killed from her home and we are currently carrying out preliminary investigations. It is too early to determine how she was killed or motive of the assailants,” said Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner of Police Theos Badege when contacted.

According to Badege, police has secured the crime scene and everything is being done to get as much information as possible that could lead to the apprehending of the suspects.

Unconfirmed reports linked the deceased's death to her being a Genocide survivor, and this being a commemoration period, when cases of assault on survivors seem to escalate in the country.

However, Badege said that investigations are still open. “Until we have sufficient information, we cannot yet narrow down our investigations.”

Meanwhile, Fulani Kabeza the deceased’s brother who was on scene at Iribagiza’s home, said that her body was discovered by a neighbour’s child who had visited the home.

“She was strangled and the assailants had left two candles burning, one in the bedroom where the body was, and another one in another bedroom. I suspect they wanted the candles to burn until they can catch the whole house so that it looks like arson,” Kabeza said.

The deceased lived alone with a watchman, according to neighbours.