Prices of tomatoes, peas increase in Kigali


The prices of both red and white onions are stable. (Appolonia Uwanziga)

Prices of some foodstuffs continue to increase in most markets across Kigali city and suburbs, a mini-survey by The New Times indicates. Tomatoes now cost Rwf900 per kilogramme in Kimironko and Nyabugogo markets, up from Rwf800 a fortnight ago, while peas are up by Rwf200 to Rwf1,700, up from Rwf1,500.

Irish potatoes (Kinigi type) cost Rwf350 in Nyarugenge Market compared to Rwf280 previously. Charcoal that was Rwf1,000 per small basket in city markets, now goes for Rwf1,200, while a medium-sized basket costs Rwf2,100 compared to Rwf2,000.

Olivier Gasasira, a vendor in Nyarugenge Market, attributed the increase to low supplies from Northern Province, the main Irish potato growing area in Rwanda.

Ernest Twagiramungu, a trader in Nyarugenge Market, said there is scarcity of onions in Rubavu District, the main producer of the crop, adding that traders are now importing onions from DR Congo.

This, he said, could push up onion prices ahead of harvest season.

Meanwhile, prices of most foodstuffs were unchanged over the reporting period. Fresh beans range from Rwf500 per kilogramme, while ground nuts are at between Rwf1,400 and Rwf1,500 per kilogramme. A bunch of bananas (plantains) ranges from Rwf7,000 to Rwf8,000, depending on size, while a kilo of banana fingers goes for Rwf350 in most markets, and cassava costs Rwf400 a kilogramme. Cassava flour costs Rwf400 a kilo, while that of the Kinazi and Akanoze brands is at Rwf600. Carrots cost Rwf500 a kilo, red onions are at Rwf800 per kilogramme in Nyabugogo and Nyarugenge markets, respectively.

Those that buy groceries from supermarkets part with Rwf1,000 per kilo of carrots (in Simba Supermarket), while that of red onions is at Rwf1,600, and white onions go for Rwf2,300 per kilo. A kilogramme of passion fruits costs Rwf1,200 in Kimironko Market, and paw paws cost Rwf900 each (medium-sized). Ground nuts range from Rwf1,400 to Rwf1,500 a kilo, that of sorghum flour costs Rwf900, and millet flour is at Rwf1,400 per kilogramme.

Beef is at Rwf2,300 per kilogramme, while whole chicken costs Rwf3,500, and you have to part with Rwf400 each for a big-sized avocado in Kimironko  market. Sugar ranges from Rwf1,000 to Rwf1,100 a kilo, milk is at between Rwf350 and Rwf500 per litre, and salt costs Rwf400 per kilo in Kimironko Market. Bread (weighing 1kg) ranges from Rwf1,000 to Rwf2,000, depending on the brand, type or size across the city and suburbs.

Rwanda’s inflation rate was recorded at 7.7 per cent in March year-on-year, according to the National Institute of Statistics Rwanda consumer price index (CPI) monthly report figures. The increase was mainly driven by rising prices of foodstuffs and non-alcoholic beverages.