How to plan the perfect kids’ room

If you’re renovating or decorating your child’s bedroom, don’t start work without reading our step-by-step guide to getting the most out of the room. Here, we suggest different ways to use the space depending on the age of your child and the size of their bedroom. We’ve covered study areas, space savers, toy storage and of course the all important decor...

Set aside a study area: Older children soon need a separate place to do homework, and adding a plain white desk and chair instantly turns a corner of a simply decorated room into a study zone. Make sure there’s adequate lighting to avoid eye strain.

Create a hideaway: A child’s room needs a focus – something special that they are proud to show off to their friends. Hanging a curtain across the side of a bed is a great way to transform it into a cosy den in the daytime.

Fit hidden storage: Plenty of bed designs now come with divan storage – indispensible at any age, but particularly useful if the room doesn’t have space for a chest of drawers. And if your child is ready for sleepovers, consider a bed that conceals a slide-out truckle bed underneath.

Go for bold colour: Instead of Barbie pink, pick a more sophisticated shade, complemented by a graphic pattern,. A scheme like this makes good financial sense too as it will last from toddler to teens.

Opt for illustrated blinds/curtains: For a cool, calming and streamlined children’s room keep pictures on the wall to a minimum and try bold patterned and printed blinds instead. You could also choose a picture of your choice and get it printed onto the blinds or curtains.

Choose creative lighting: As an alternative to a night light or bedside lamp, a trail of fairy lights attached to a wall or bedstead provides a reasuring glow and still looks stylish for an older child.