Gospel artistes electrify Kimironko residents


Denise Ndutira during the ‘Ibihimbano by’umwuka’ concert. Photos by Donata Kiiza.

It was a full house during the Ibihimbano by’Umwuka concert held at Four Square Church on Sunday.

The four-hour show combined music and sermons, taking the audience through praise and worship sessions.

Some members of the audience abandoned their seats and joined the artistes on stage. All photos by Donata Kiiza

The performers included renowned local gospel artiste Damascene Kanuma, who delivered an incredible performance – singing Zamura Yesu, Ntabwoba nfite and Mutima wanjye himbaza Uwiteka. Denise Ndutira and her husband Blaise Gasore were the other performers.

Blaise Gasore thanks the audience after his performance.

The couple, which is based in Kenya, captivated the audience with the quality of their vocal harmony and their dance routine. They performed Uokovu, Kisima Chetu, Uvumilivu and Mwami kuba ntagufite.

According to the organisers, the concert aimed at giving upcoming gospel artistes a platform to use their talent to serve God.

Referring to the scripture in Ephesians 5:18-19, Bishop Fidele Masengo urged the audience to seek the Holy Spirit. “What we let into our bodies determines what we speak and do,” he said.

Bishop Fidele Masengo is the senior pastor and founder of Four Square Church.

Elisee Bigirimana staged a thrilling performance, with his songs Uwiteka niwe ukomeye, Wampinduye uwo agaciro and Hakuna Mungu kama wewe.

It The concert ended at 7p.m.

Bishop Fidele Masengo prays for Denise Ndutira and her husband, Blaise Gasore during the concert.
The Sunday concert in Kimironko was well attended.