Address investors’ woes in Kigali Special Economic Zone


RE: “Kigali Special Economic Zone maintenance fees still a challenge” (The New Times, March 10).

It is of great concern, if investors, after having pumped in considerate amount of funds are being frustrated and their projects are unnecessarily delayed.

The Kigali Special Economic Zone is without any doubt a world class infrastructural development. However, imposing high maintenance fees is counter-productive and potential investors will shy away from investing in the country and in such designated zones.

Investors must get a fair deal in developing the Rwandan economy. If they are encouraged to invest millions of dollars and are then not given the necessary permissions and licenses to commence their operations for which the funds were deployed, then there is no “ease of doing business” whatsoever.

It is important for Jeanne Isabella Gasana, Managing Director, Kigali Special Economic Zone to sort out this issue with the concerned district authorities, instead of just burdening investors who are compelled to pay the district as well as pay high maintenance fees to the KSEZ.

Clarence Fernandes