Glad I’m a woman

I wish women were celebrated more than just the one day we get to mark every year - Women’s Day - but I’ll take it. I haven’t always been enthusiastic about my gender mainly because we go through a lot. Ladies know what I’m talking about. Then there’s the nine months for those who’ve had or want to have children.

That’s tough and makes me wonder why anyone would call us the weaker sex. Sometimes I wish men got to have babies just so they got an idea how strong women really are. I have a lot of respect for mothers, especially those with several children. I don’t know how they do it. Children usually have different personalities and that often presents challenges and yet moms know how to handle that.

I also applaud single moms. Raising a child must be even harder when you’re on your own and sadly, there are millions of single moms around the world facing this struggle, including one of my close friends. I’ve been on babysitting duties for her three-year-old daughter a couple of times.

I’ve also been there when she was too sick to take care of her little girl, as any friend would. We’ve talked about her deepest concerns for her baby. She worries about being unable to give her everything she wants, like sending her to good schools because she can’t afford it. Mostly, she worries about losing her job. How would she take care of her child? I do my best to reassure and encourage her that God’s watching over them and I really hope He is.

I will never understand why some men would choose to just walk away from their children. What else could be more rewarding and gratifying than raising your own child? I know sometimes things don’t work out and relationships are hard but at the same time, I also think some people give up too easily. 99 per cent of the time, it’s women who stay with the children. There’s just something about a mother’s bond with her child. Which reminds me of my own mother.

Like most moms, I know she will do anything for me and I don’t take that for granted. If I could give her the world, I would. We all have those moments when we aren’t the best children our parents raised us to be. We make mistakes a million times and irritate our parents and yet they stand by us. Moms and women in general are nurturing by default.

They’re giving of their time, money and whatever else they have. Which is not to say that there’re no selfish and mean women out there but for the most part, women are the most selfless gender. Don’t believe me? Think of who does the most cooking, cleaning and regular chores. That’s right. Women. Who’s more likely to offer a shoulder to cry on? Women. Who will listen to you rant and rave about your low paying job or relationship woes?

Your female friends. So yes, I’m glad I’m a woman and yes, we should be celebrated. So take a moment to show the women in your life some love. Could be your mom, wife, sister, daughter or even female boss because women are truly amazing.