The Junction: Kigali’s latest addition


Chicken curry served with fries at The Junction. Photo by Michael Bageine.

One of the newest entries on the restaurant scene, The Junction restaurant located above Ndoli supermarket in Kisementi has some ways to go.

One of the entrances brings you to a buffet station that caters for the busy lunch crowd in this area. The rest of the dining is a mix of tables and private booths. The disadvantage with the positioning of the booths is diners remain invisible to wait staff and are thus at the mercy of the wait staff. However, this is just but one problem and with diligent work from the staff, diners will be served well.

The junction has a big show kitchen. On the night of my visit, heavy electrical equipment was being installed or reinstalled. I would have thought this would have been done when the restaurant is closed but this was a sign of a new place trying to get it right.

The menu is your typical afro continental menu with a bit of everything from everywhere. Steak, pork chops, curries, pastas, salad and soups are found on the menu. I had a chicken curry, again, and there was nothing curry about it. The meal was well presented as seen in the picture but the authenticity of the curry came into question. In absentia were some of the key ingredients that make a good curry and this version was more cooking cream than anything else. A bit disappointing because The Junction has so much promise and is located in a busy hub of Kigali.

The waiter that served me was very professional and was helpful with menu choices. I could tell that he has years of experience and a new place such as this one has done well in employing him.

Clearly The Junction restaurant enjoys more business during lunch as the dining was sparsely populated. Nevertheless, there is enough seating for large crowds.

Prices are easy on the pocket and the booths add that extra bit of privacy and intimacy.

Open daily and with more than enough parking, The Junction restaurant will surely grow into itself and the evening diners can always check out the sister lounge right next to the restaurant. I certainly do hope that the chef will get the chicken curry right the next time.

The bar area at the Junction Lounge. Net photo