[VIDEO] Uphold Rwandan values abroad, Kagame to UK Diaspora


President Kagame addressing members of the Rwandan Diaspora in UK on Tuesday evening. Urugwiro Village

President Paul Kagame yesterday evening urged Rwandans living in the diaspora to continue upholding Rwandan values such as unity and supporting each other.

The president was meeting Rwandans living in the United Kingdom on the sidelines of the Wall Street Journal forum on investing in Africa.

He said that Rwandans recognise diaspora’s continued support to the nation despite being outside the country in multiple ways and urged them to continue their endeavours.

This, he said should also extend to spreading word about Rwanda for those who may not know the country and those with wrong perceptions.

Going forward, he urged them to unite and work closely helping each other out and sharing their strengths which is the Rwandan culture.

“The Rwanda we live in today is a united one where those with strength give a hand up to the weaker ones. That is who we are,” he said.

He reiterated the government’s commitment to continue working with and involving the Diaspora community in the nation’s development agenda in multiple ways.

“Thank you for making our country proud. Meeting with you renews our strength and make challenges we face easier,” he said.

Rwandans in the United Kingdom make up a vibrant diaspora community active in national development in various ways including remittances  and investments in Rwanda.