KCB Bank Rwanda launches campaign to boost access to services

KCB Bank Rwanda has launched a new campaign to boost uptake of bank products and access to finance.

 The campaign, code named “Expert talks”, is designed to enhance awareness and help scale up uptake of the financial products to sustain economic development.

The ultimate goal is to boost financial knowledge and collaboration between the bank and its clients.

The expert platform is expected to enhance access to finance and financial inclusion.

The idea, according to Maurice Toroitich, the KCB Bank Rwanda managing director, is to   create an interactive platform where banks can interact with customers and be able to understand the kind of products to bring to the market.

The talk show will also feature experts on various sectors including taxation, entrepreneurship, innovation and agriculture, among others. They will share their knowledge on how best banks can work with citizens to improve access to finance and financial inclusion.

More than 89 per cent of the adult population in Rwanda have access to financial services, according to the FinScope survey 2016.

However, about 700,000 adult Rwandans remain without access to financial services compared to 1.3 million people in 2012.

Experts are optimistic that, through such campaigns and talk shows, the number of those accessing financial services could further increase bringing Rwanda closer to its financial targets.