Are you a fashionable traveller?


Choose an outfit that is comortable for travel. (Net photo)

Travelling is fun. And it’s important to be comfortable when having fun. You may want to copy Victoria Beckham who travels in 7-inch high stilettos but bear in mind that Mrs Beckham also travels in a private jet and hardly goes through the stressful airport check-in/out that normal folks do.  That said, you might want to opt for feet-friendly shoes, ones that won’t leave you with blisters by the end of your journey. 

Judicaelle Irakoze, owner of Abigaelle Closet based in Portland-USA, says that travel styles differ from one person to the other as that style is personal and therefore, there’s no specific rule on what to wear when travelling.

“For me, style is personal; it is a way of saying who you are without saying a word. It’s a way of making a statement, a way of telling the world, ‘Hey, this is me. Take it or leave it’.  That’s why there is no rule on what to wear when travelling,” she says.

Irakoze says that since some people travel a lot, one may fail to create a specific travel style. However, she notes that in case one is going straight to an urgent meeting with no time to change, one should wear sneakers to relieve some of the exhaustion that comes with wearing heels, for instance, during the journey, but endeavor to carry heels inside their bag.

She also says that despite our independent preferences in fashion, one must endeavor to choose an outfit that is comfortable but stylish at the same time.

“Before I became a full time businesswoman, I would travel at least every month. Travelling is fun, and a great way to become aware of another world outside our comfort zone.

However, we should be comfortable as we travel. No one should wear a fancy dress for a 20-hour flight or heels for that matter unless one is headed straight to an urgent meeting,” she notes.

She recommends wearing loose jeans or sweatpants with a simple t-shirt and comfortable sneakers or sandals in order to look casual but smart and above all, feel comfortable throughout their journey.

“I know it’s all about being comfortable but personally, I do not wear tight jeans. I usually go for loose-fitting jeans with a simple t-shirt and sneakers. I know that this will not make me uncomfortable. My loose jeans will not stress my muscles. The sneakers protect my feet from the cold,” she adds.

Besides comfort, the US-based designer notes that one should look out for the weather as you may need to consider carrying a warm sweater, jacket or sneakers to protect you from the cold.

Irakoze also says that one should always choose neutral clothing with colours like black, white, grey, navy blue, silver and cream since these blend easily with other colours and visually do not disturb the eye. She adds that adding accessories would be a good idea as that will enhance the look.