Minispoc to organize Itorero

The Government through the Ministry of Sports and Culture will organize ‘Itorero’ National Civic Education Retreat for sports partners from January 19-29 in Nkumba, Musanze in the Northern Province.

According to the Director of Sports in the Ministry of Sports, Emmanuel Bugingo, ‘itorero’ for sports partners is an opportunity to educate the people about values of the Rwandan culture and review the way they accomplish their tasks in order to improve where necessary.

“We expect positive change in the way sport is governed and managed within sports bodies after this ‘Itorero,”

On the other hand the retreat is intended to urge sports federations to work professionally and how best they can achieve set targets.

The National Olympic and Sports Committee (RNOSC) Executive Director, Jean de Dieu Mukundiyukuri also said the retreat will include all the sports federations in the country.

In 2013, the Ministry of Sports and Culture officially launched the Sports Development Policy whose vision is to achieve excellence at the individual, community and national level.

The primary objective of the policy is to pursue excellence that seeks to put in place systems to encourage and foster the identification, and development of young talent and promotion of sports for all.

The other endeavour is to remove all the barriers to full participation of girls and women and those with physical and intellectual impairment. The policy is also intended to foster increased participation of people in traditional sports.