FERWABA to unveil basketball academy

The National Basketball Federation (FERWABA) has confirmed that the new basketball academy will officially be inaugurated on January 23.

Already, over 30 young finalists from high schools around the nation were screened and selected in Musanze district, Northern Province last Sunday for the first three year intake programme.

The initiative of the academy is part of a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Workforce Development authority (WDA) and the Ministry of Sports and Culture in December last year.

According to Frank Shyaka from National Employment Programme (NEP) who is following up the program, the academy is intended to develop and promote upcoming talent in basketball.

“The players will start courses this month, we have examined their age, and education… everything is in place at IPRC North where we have equipped classrooms, a hostel and restaurant to cater for the players. We’re yet to finalize the logistical requirements for the school to start,” he said

“The finalists will start education courses in the next academic year and the whole programme will be covered by government. A new designed curriculum will be set in order to get the best experienced trainers,” Shyaka added.

It is believed that the new curriculum will keep the students in the range of national standards especially in basketball exercises, techniques and theories.

Speaking to Times Sport, Moise Mutokambali the National Basketball head coach pointed out that “We need to have as many academies as possible which are fully equipped in order to develop young talent from the grassroots levels.”

“The reason why USA is the best in basketball is because they start from the high schools where a child is detected and given the best opportunity to develop his or her career. We have the talent but the problem is we still lack facilities. Having academies such as this one to be unveiled is very crucial and essential for Rwanda,” Mutokambali added

The National Basketball head coach who started with 14 players in the U18 national youth team, further added that nine of them have already been recruited by international academies in the United States.