We don't expect anything from Judge Meron and co.


RE: “Judge Theodor Meron makes international justice a travesty” (The New Times, January 9).

All that Theodor Meron has done is merely give the coup de grace to a concept that had already shown itself an oxymoron in Arusha and in The Hague.

I am not disappointed in what he is doing for I long ago lost any illusion that justice could really come from those whose abiding interest was clearly only to feather their own career nests and build up their own reputations as global movers and shakers and less about rendering justice to victims, survivors and the Rwandan society at large.

Anyone remember the sniggers of judges and lawyers as a defense lawyer did everything to denigrate a witness recounting how she was raped by the lawyer’s client and his co-genocidaires and that the then ICTR president did nothing to bring all those mighty lawyers and judges to order?
For me that helped remove all remaining blinders from my eyes with regard to the true nature of this so-called tribunal.

Mwene Kalinda