Standards body should explore more alternatives


RE: “It would be in the country’s interests if RSB revisited its pre-shipment policy” (The New Times, January 4).

My quick one cent on this is that concentrating efforts in strengthening capacity at the central level is the long-term solution. That means widening up the central laboratory at Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) with more human capacity and equipment. That level is more for product certification and policy making.

However, on the implementation level, it is more efficient when done at the district/municipal level rather than at the point of entry level. For example, if the administration of the city of Kigali (not the Police yet) is given powers of inspection to ensure that such products that are produced within or outside the country meet required health standards, the practice would be more efficient and self-funded even to some extent through fee collection.

In short, my humble opinion is that RSB could look at outsourcing health inspection duties to the municipalities and the Police for enforcement of punishments for non-compliance at the municipal level. Another extended level is the idea of a quota system and exclusive licensing rights to well trusted importers. Such is the general practice that is working in the country where I live

Augustin Dufatanye