The Manor: Serene amid a culinary storm


The biryani rice at The Manor. Below: The garden and outdoor seating area at The Manor. Photos by Michael Bageine.

As I have mentioned before, multi-cuisine restaurants go a long way in serving a variety of dishes to a variety of customers in one space. However, getting it right in terms of food production will always be a big task.

The difference between The Manor and other multi-cuisine restaurants is that within the Manor exist separate restaurants serving Italian, Indian and Oriental cuisine.

The chef’s tomato soup and a sea food risotto.

Tucked away in Nyarutarama (more signage would be helpful), The Manor provides valet parking, a business centre, a swimming pool amid a garden and a good view of the surrounding areas. Friendly staff is on hand to assist you.

As a first timer, I found this to be a good place to unwind and relax after a hectic holiday season that was in no way a holiday for me.

Eating alone is not part of our culture in Africa so I invited a guest who happens to love food and is visiting Rwanda for the very first time. The impression The Manor was having on my guest was a positive reflection of how the hospitality industry, although still in its infancy, has made great strides into assuring visitors of a pleasant stay.

I ordered for a tomato soup starter and a sea food risotto, my guest opted for biriyani. My suspicions about multi cuisine restaurants were confirmed upon the arrival of my soup which was a direct result of tomatoes blended with the skin on and what I suspect to have been Royco turning it into an orange hue instead of red. Even worse was the fact that it was chunky with slivers of tomato skin making their way into my mouth. Not a good way to begin the meal.

The risotto was tasty but too moist and the shrimp still possessed their tails. Nothing wrong with this but I prefer no tails, especially in a risotto.

The biriyani was well cooked except that the bay leaves and the cardamom pods were left in the dish. The experience of biting into a cardamom pod is not exactly a delightful one and this was a sign of carelessness on the chefs’ part.

I think The Manor has a lot to offer in terms of a quiet environment, good amenities and a place one can take family to have a good time. However, a little more can be done with the food in areas of authenticity and preparation. That soup was a definite let down and I hope my next visit will be an even better experience.

The Manor Hotel is located on KG 552 ST, Nyarutarama overlooking the Kigali Golf Club and is open every day. Do give it a visit.