Banana, beef prices up in Kigali


The price of onions is stable at about Rwf700 a kilo. / Appolonia Uwanziga.

If bananas are your favourite dish, you will have to pay Rwf50 more for a kilogramme of banana fingers after the price shot to Rwf350 in Kigali markets, up from Rwf300 last week, a mini-survey by Bussiness Times indicates. Drocella Uwajeneza, a trader, attributed the increase to scarcity of bananas occasioned by a “bad season”.

“The yields have not been good in key banana producing areas because of prolonged dry spell in the last four months of last year,” Uwajeneza said.

“A bunch now costs between Rwf7, 000 and Rwf8, 000,” she added.

The price of beef rose by Rwf200 to Rwf2,400 per kilogramme in Kigali, up from Rwf2, 200 last week, it is at Rwf2200 in Kimironko and Nyabugogo markets, while fresh fish costs Rwf3,500 per kilo in Nyarugenge market. However, the price of Irish potatoes dropped by Rwf100 to Rwf180 a kilogramme from above Rwf280, thanks to increased supply.

Other foodstuff prices were relatively stable in markets across the City of Kigali. Ordinary cassava flour costs Rwf400 a kilo, while that of the Kinazi and Akanoze brands is at Rwf600. Fresh beans range from Rwf500 per kilogramme, while fresh peas are at between Rwf1, 200 and Rwf1,400 per kilogramme in Nyabugogo Modern Market and Nyarugenge Market.

Cabbages range from Rwf300 to Rwf500 in most city markets, depending on size, pumpkins are at about Rwf600, while avocados cost Rwf200 each in Gakinjiro market. Tomatoes go for Rwf500 per kilo, while that of carrots is at Rwf700 in Nyabugogo Modern Market, and onions cost Rwf700 per kilo. Rice (Thailand and Pakistan type) costs Rwf1,000 and Rwf950 per kilogramme, respectively.

Bread (weighing 1kg) ranges from Rwf900 to Rwf2,000, depending on the brand, type or size and whether one buys from a supermarket or ordinary shops.

Sugar ranges from Rwf1,100 to Rwf1,200 a kilo. A litre of milk is at between Rwf350 and Rwf400 in most city suburbs.