Gospel artiste Gahongayire talks music, divorce and plans for 2017


Aline Gahongayire.

Aline Gahongayire, known for her gospel hits like ‘Ni Inde Watubuza,’ ‘Hari Impamvu’ and ‘Peke’, is also the founder of Ineza initiative that helps the needy.

The 30-year-old talked to Sunday Magazine’s Sharon Kantengwa about her plans for the New Year and her shocking divorce.


You recently hosted the Poverty Kids party. Where did you get the inspiration?

I contacted my sponsors, UAE Exchange, and told them that I didn’t want to stage a concert but instead wanted to share the love and joy of the festive season with the kids. They agreed to sponsor the party and I had a good time with the kids at my house because I wanted them to feel at home.

This is the second time that you are hosting such a party. Where does your love for kids come from?

My love for the kids comes after I lost my first born baby. I can now understand the hustle that mothers go through and I want to do all I can to see children happy. When I lost my baby I decided to help other children and transfer my love for my baby to them.

Tell us about your musical plans for the New Year

This year, I intend to have a new album in English and Swahili because I will be having another tour in the US, Europe and Canada. I am putting in a lot of effort to give my album a unique touch. Also, I need something to portray the beauty of my country which is why my music will be entirely “Made in Rwanda.” I will also be doing a big concert this year. We also have a project with the Gospel ‘first ladies’, where we will be organising a big concert and put our songs together.

Speaking of gospel music, why do we see many artists backing away from it?

They just lack the support that is given to other secular artists. We need Rwandans to support us and understand us. Gospel music is not as recognised yet, where we see few shows that promote and recognise gospel artists. However, if gospel music is one’s passion, then they will do it without thinking about money. Also, we need to support each other as musicians. I can still have my identity as gospel artist but still support other artists.

What other projects do you have this year?

Yes. I plan on putting Ineza Charity out there and help people using my talent, fashion, passion, and everything I do. I will organise the plus size fashion show, with the theme “It’s possible” so as to encourage other plus size women. My weight reduced from 120 kgs to 70 in a few months and to encourage them to be more beautiful and healthy using my testimony. I am also back in the movie industry and will be starring in the movie called “Igisubizo cy’Ubuzima.” My plan is to work for God in every talent that I have and bless as many people as I can through the income that I get.

Could you say that you are driven by your Christian values?

I think it is because of what God has done for my life. I cannot reward Him back but can only give back by reaching out to the needy and putting the gospel in action. If the Bible instructs us to be at peace with everyone, I want to do just that.

How has life been like since your divorce?

Everything we go through should be a lesson to us and my experience with my ex-husband has taught me a lot. Even though we are no longer together, we are happy and we are still friends. Things may not have worked out in our marriage but we have peace.

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