Farmers to compare notes with value chain actors

The Private Sector Federation (PSF), through the chamber of Agriculture and Livestock, has organised ‘Accountability Day’ to provide a platform to discuss future feeding challenges, climate change and modern technologies.

The three-day event in Kigali will also provide an opportunity for farmers to showcase agricultural and livestock production as well as value added progress.

During the occasion, participants will discuss issues related to enhancing the production of agricultural produce, combating climate change and how to prioritise agricultural mechanisation, among other topics.

Slated December 2 to 5, the event will be attended by experts in agriculture sector, farmers, as well as government and private sector players to collectively deliberate on various issues related to the sector promotion.

Speaking to The New Times, yesterday, Christine Murebwayire, the chairperson of Agriculture and Livestock Chamber at PSF, said the chamber will demonstrate their achievements since it started in 2006 and discuss hindrances that they encountered with view to seek collective solutions.

“This will be a very significant event, since it is our first time to hold accountability day. Small-holder farmers will have the opportunity to share experiences with the players who export agricultural production,” she said.

Murebwayire said more than 200 farmers from different member associations will attend the event.

“The Rwanda Agriculture Board will explain to farmers all techniques to cultivate even during the absence of the rain. Farmers do not need to wait for the rain, rather they need to target international market which they can access after embracing all agricultural practices like irrigation, use of fertilisers, small-scale irrigation and terracing, among others,” she said.

“Hoteliers will also discuss with farmers supply deals related to their production value. It will be an opportunity for farmers to overcome some fraudsters that buy their produce at give-away prices.”

The Accountability Day will also feature an exhibition alongside an event to showcase agricultural products produced locally.