Empower the youth to empower a generation


RE: Ministry targets youth in EAC week integration drive” (The New Times, November 15).

Youth anywhere in the world form an integral part of society. It is therefore very satisfying to read in your article that the Ministry of Trade, Industry and EAC Affairs is looking at more youth involvement in regional integration.

This will effectively complement the great work pioneered by the Ministry of Youth and ICT towards motivating the youth of this great nation.

Please allow me to share with your esteemed readers that Uwezo Youth Empowerment will be the focal point of the forthcoming International Disabled Youth Conference, which is scheduled to be held in Kigali during the latter part of February 2017.

This international event will bring in disabled youth, not just from the region and the African continent,  but from various parts of the world.

Uwezo’s initiative to integrate disabled youth from far and near is commendable and needs to be encouraged and supported by all stake holders both from Government and the private sector.

Clarence Fernandes