New hotel complex will support local churches - ADEPR


Journalists interview the church's spokesperson. (Julius Bizimungu)

The Association of Pentecostal Churches in Rwanda (ADEPR) is in final stages of constructing a hotel complex expected to reduce the burden of conference services for local churches.

Dove Hotel, located in Gisozi Sector in Kigali, is also hoped to support church communities to raise their standards of living, according to Rev. Jean Sibomana, the church’s spokesperson.

Sibomana was speaking on the sidelines of the church’s annual general assembly that attracted more than 600 pastors from across the country, neighbouring churches in Uganda and special church leaders from Canada, the US and North Ireland.

“Today, we gather here as ADEPR Church leaders from different parts of the country celebrating what we have achieved for this year, particularly this new building. The construction activities are in advanced stage and I must say the remaining part will not cost us a lot. We are glad that we are advancing the church development and also supporting our communities,” he said.

Sibomana said there was much anticipated impact from the hotel complex whose importance, he added, cannot be over-emphasised.

“Having been built from the efforts of our church members is indicative of what we envision in the future. We used to spend a lot on renting spaces and I believe this is definitely a solution,” Sibomana added.

The pastor said it is also a pride to the church leaders and members, who have partly contributed the Rwf5 billion so far invested in the infrastructure.

Raising standard of living

According to Sibomana, the new complex presents income generating opportunities to the church followers.

“We are looking at this new initiative as something that will not only benefit the church but, more importantly, the communities around. We know that more than 60 per cent of the employees will come from the church,” he said.
Patrick Nsengiyumva, one of the pastors whose church is among the 111 Pentecostal churches that have completed giving their contributions, said they expect a lot from the church.

“Our local church has contributed Rwf7.5 million and we strongly believe we shall gain a lot from the initiative. We are honoured to be part of such an outstanding development. Our people will, in the long run, be able to reap benefits,” he said.