[LETTERS] Promoting local tourism is a collective effort


The Nyungwe canopy walk is one of the country's popular tourist attractions. / File.


RE: "Local tourism should be given more priority" (The New Times, July 24).

The suggested “plan B” should instead become our plan A. However, this should be after serious sensitization of Rwandans about what we collectively own. I recently visited a few district offices in charge of tourism development in their respective regions, and I was appalled by some answers when I asked about interesting sites in their territory for a project I was proposing.

For those districts I visited, they had no “touristic attractions” in their region – the usual things only westerners would come and see in Africa: animals, tribal dances, and wild pristine sceneries and craft curios!

These should be officially instituted programme on general training in appreciation, care, and promotion of our collective wealth.

To my knowledge, there is no such a programme instituted, through which youths and adults would learn to constantly focus on their immediate surroundings and discover wells of wealth that they could tap into and “eradicate poverty.”

Many who dropped by my stand at the recent annual agric-show expo at Murindi RAB Station were surprised to see the common imfunzo and ibicumucumu turned into valuable interior decor materials...of international calibre!

It is up to nobody else but us to give value (agaciro and igiciro) to every one of our thousand hills and valleys.

Francois-Xavier Nziyonsenga