Patriotism should always define us


The Liberation Monument at Parliament depicting former RPA Inkotanyi Fighters during the liberation struggle. File


RE: “Rwanda owes its development to stability, says Rev. Jesse Jackson” (The New Times, June 16).

As the journey of liberation is gaining pace, we should be able to set standard values that define us and let the world know. One and foremost should be dignity.

Seeing globally distinguished dignitaries coming to our country every now and then means there is a cause, a reason for that and that reason is Rwandans want to be seen in that mirror of a dignified society.

We also should be able to do things on our own way provided the results are good for us and a lesson for others, where applicable. We shouldn’t be doing better things for ourselves to please anybody. We must equally be aggressive and that should be our brand.

This would place us on top of others in the region and continent at large.

The world is looking at Africa with a third eye; we cannot afford to compete where we cannot offer best services.The competition to host important meetings over the world is fierce,we can afford to host more and more when we can only provide best services and let the world know.

Service level agreement(SLA) should always be in place with service providers every time we engage private partners in meetings that put the image of the country at fore.

The peace, order, security and harmony we are enjoying today should always define us.
We must be able to let our neighbours and the world know that for our security is a do or die that the repercussion for whoever shall try to destabilize what we have built along the decades is higher and costly and so be for any internal Rwandans who try and think they can drive us back into dark days.

We should always be ready for peace and for war where necessary to defend our country.And that patriotism should be a set standard that defines all Rwandans and let the world know.