Dream Boys on the inspiration behind 'Wagiye Kare'


Dream Boys' Platini Nemeye (L) and Claude Mujyanama. File.

Mother’s Day is a few weeks away, but music group, Dream Boys, is sharing with their fans what they plan for that day.

The Yale Yale hitmakers just released a new single titled, Wangiye kare. The song celebrates mothers, and is a tribute to those who lost their mothers early in life.

“Mothers are very special and the song was inspired by the stories of our friends who lost their mothers,” says Platini Nemeye, a member of the Dream Boys.

“One of our friends recently got married and was sad because her mother was not alive to witness the wedding. The song is therefore a tribute to not just mothers but anyone who has lost someone close in their lives,” he added.

The duo is set to release their seventh album in May this year, after the release of a number of songs that they are still working on.

“Every time we release an album, we choose the cover based on a song that has a really special message. We feel like this song so far has a special message. It was by coincidence that the song was released towards the day we celebrate mothers but we are glad that the message is timely,” says Nemeye.

Wagiye Kare will be the cover of their album. The video of the song was produced by music label Kina Music and directed by video producer Meddy Saleh.

Dream Boys is composed of Platini Nemeye and Claude Mujyanama. The group was formed in 2009, and has since released six albums, with a number of hit songs including Bucece, Bella, Wenda azaza, and Birarangiye.

Last year, the group emerged winners of the annual Guma Guma music competition sponsored by BRALIRWA, through its premier beer brand Primus, on their fourth attempt.