Singer Tom Close moves to boost reading culture


Tom Close (L) has written over 80 books for children. (Photos by Elisee Mpirwa)

Singer Thomas Muyombo aka Tom Close donated 300 children’s books to Kigali Public Library on Wednesday.

The donation is part of the singer’s campaign to promote a reading culture in the country.

The singer, who is also a practicing doctor, said he wants every child in Rwanda to be able to access his books for free in libraries across the country, as he pushes for a robust culture of reading and writing.

“Today I read some of my written stories to the children to inspire them. Some of them will probably be the future writers,” said the Ferrari star.

He noted that the reading culture in Rwanda is not at a level it should be, that is why he decided to join the campaign by writing small and interesting tales for children.

The books, which are written in Kinyarwanda, have illustrations with focus on the Rwandan values that will help children grow with knowledge to distinguish between what is good and bad.

The father of two said he wants his children to grow up knowing how to speak foreign languages, but most importantly their mother language and to embrace their culture.

“As a father, I decided to write my books in Kinyarwanda because I want my children and all Rwandan children to know and love our language and culture,” he added.

Ange Tricia Niyonshuti, Managing Director of IGA publishers, displays a collection of books donated to Kigali Public Library on Wednesday.

Tom Close’s wife, Ange Tricia Niyonshuti and Managing Director of IGA publishers, told The New Times that the donation is in line with the World Book Day celebrated on March 1.

Ten-year old Princesses Teta, from Imena Primary School in Kacyiru, commended the singer’s initiative.

“Most of his stories teach us how to live in harmony with others, respect each other and they are really good,” said Teta.

Tom Close is an author of about 80 children’s books, and boasts of five music albums.

The event was attended by children from different primary schools in Kigali.