What your celebrity says about Valentine’s Day


Rwandan celebrities share their views on Valentines Day and how they intend to spend it.

That time of the year when many people around the world get ‘lovey dovey’ is upon us.  Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day, is celebrated

annually on February 14. Known as the day to celebrate love, many people use the opportunity to display their affection for one another. Society

Magazine’s Sharon Kantengwa asked a number of Rwandan celebrities about their views on the romantic day and how they intend to spend it.


Arisitide Mugabe, Basketball player 

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day because it does not make sense to me. I have people around me that I love and care about and they know it. I do not see why I should single out one day to tell them that I love them.



Vanessa Uwase, First runner up Miss Rwanda 2015

What’s a great Valentine’s Day idea?

Personally, I am a very simple person to please, so as long as the act is coming from a genuine place and not for the sake of it, I’d be pleased. Simple things like bringing me flowers, or taking me for coffee or dinner are highlights of the day.



Bruce Melodie, singer

What should Valentine’s Day be all about?

It comes and goes like any other day but it should be a day when couples sit together and reflect on their love and, figure out ways to improve their relationship. Couples should not take that day for granted. It is the day they should iron out their differences.



Andy Bumuntu, Artiste

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

It means a lot to me and that day I will be performing at Grand Legacy Hotel. It is a Valentine’s Day special and it will be a pleasure performing for people.



Eduige Isimbi, Miss Rwanda contestant, 2016

If you could receive anything for Valentine’s Day, what would you want?

I would be glad to get a bouquet of flowers and a perfume.



Fiona Kamikazi, Bank executive

What makes Valentine’s Day special?

For me, it’s a special day to celebrate love. Some people limit the occasion to love between partners but for me, it goes beyond that. What makes the day special for me is celebrating it with my friends and family. This year I am going to celebrate myself and I am planning to buy a bouquet for myself.



Michael Sengazi, Comedian

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

I’m in a long distance relationship so I will be home watching a movie during the day and on stage for a comedy show at Vanity Lounge at night. I, however, believe it’s a special day for lovers to celebrate love, which should be celebrated every day. But that day is when they get to show their love.



Jean Aimé Byiringiro, Visual artist

What was your best Valentine’s Day ever and why?

My best Valentine’s Day is the one I first celebrated with my girlfriend. It was a memorable moment; we celebrated it officially after dating for a long time on social media. Just like there is a special day for almost everything, Valentine’s Day is a big day for lovers to show that they truly love each other.



Charlotte Rulinda, Artiste

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

For me, Valentine’s Day is where I get to show all the people that care about me and have been there for me how much I love them. I celebrate with the ones around me and send love messages to those who are not around.



Christelle Kabagire, TV personality

What’s a great Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one?

There are lots of great ideas like a wallet, a wrist watch, a key holder or a bottle of his favourite drink if he loves alcohol, for the men. For the ladies, flowers should be the major idea for Valentine’s Day, a card, chocolate, wine, jewellery, wrist watch or make-up kit, can do as well, depending on what she loves.



Denise Gakire, actress

How can people keep the spark alive after Valentine’s Day?

The most important thing is to give their loved ones quality time and, being there for each other. They should keep exchanging gifts and support each other emotionally and financially.



MC Tino, MC, artiste, radio personality

How will you spend your Valentine’s Day?

I will be emceeing at Salvador’s (Patrick Idringi) comedy show that day. I will be working while at the same time having fun although I too would have loved to privately celebrate it with my loved one.



Kiki Toure, Artiste

What makes Valentine’s Day special?

It is a special day for lovers and a celebration of romance. It is special because one gets to make their lover feel special by giving gifts. To me, however, the day is not special because I believe in something greater, which is everyday love. Showing how you feel towards someone should be done every day, even though most of our time is taken up by our work. So everyday should be Valentine’s Day because romance doesn’t activate itself on February 14.



The Pink, Gospel rapper

Is Valentine’s Day worth celebrating?

I don’t think so. First of all the origin and essence of that day is not biblical. I think that we should celebrate love every day and not just once simply because of some old tradition. I find Valentine’s Day more commercial than important. I also don’t understand how someone dies and becomes a saint, I would rather not take that day seriously.



Fiona Muthoni Naringwa, First runner up Miss Africa 2017

Is Valentine’s Day worth celebrating?

Even when people think that the occasion is for couples only, I believe that it is for a good cause, although I don’t understand why that particular day was chosen. At the end of the day love is for everybody and I think that we should use that to express our love and gratitude to the people around us.



Jay Rwanda, Mr. Africa 2017

How can people keep the Valentine’s Day spark all year long?

In a many ways. They should keep appreciating each other, always make time for a date, surprise each other with either big or small gifts, have fun together, keep telling each other sweet words, and cherish each other.