Kigali hosts Japan Film Festival


Guests share a light moment before the screening of the film. (Net photos)

Japan film festival was launched on Wednesday evening at the Kiyovu-based Goethe Institute.  Organised by the Embassy of Japan, it is the second time that the film festival is being held in Kigali.

This year, the festival will focus on Japanese animated films which are very popular among the youth. The festival began with the screening of the Japanese animated fantasy film, ‘Spirited Away’ written and directed by renowned Japanese film animator Hayao Miyazaki.

The film was awarded a Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival and won best film at the Japanese Academy Awards.

Japanese Ambassador to Rwanda, Takayuki Miyashita, said that the main purpose of the occasion is to showcase Japanese culture.

“‘Spirited Away’ is popular among animated film lovers and we are very excited to present it to you for the first time in Rwanda.

Japanese ambassador to Rwanda talks about the festival.

The film depicts the world of mankind and the world of gods as Japan is believed to have 8 million gods. We have different cultures, religions and traditions and this might be a good chance for you to understand other traditions around the world,” he said.

The public is invited to attend the festival and can book with the embassy by email.