Professionals should be in charge of sensitive services

RE: “Pharmacy council calls for tough measures against illegal pharmacies” (The New Times, December 18). In my view, the cited law is flawed. Why should a non-professional promote a business and eventually be expected to meet both profit motives and professional standards?

Professional practices should belong to members of the profession who should abide by the respective codes of ethics and standards. One wonders what measures the regulatory body would take against an errant entrepreneur investing in professional service provision and ends up harming the public.

The accountancy profession experienced manipulation of the law at the hands of unqualified practitioners who engage duly qualified ones as junior staff to legitimise their firms. An investor in basic education domain puts profits before anything else. I’m convinced it would be different if the said entrepreneur was an educator.

Rwanda is yet to avail the crucial partnership law; I am curious to know whether it will address the existing “marriages of convenience”. The sooner we reach there, the better.