It was 'a night to the moon' at Buregeya’s exhibition


Guests admire the images on display. ( Photos by Moses Opobo)

IT was indeed ‘a night to the moon’ feeling during visual artist Innocent Buregeya’s solo art exhibition on Saturday night. Dubbed A night on the moon, the exhibition swapped canvass for burnt wood.

Formerly with the Uburanga Arts Studio in Kimihurura, which has since closed shop, Buregeya has been quietly building his new artistic space, the self-named Buregeya Arts Studio, tucked somewhere below the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) complex in Gishushu.

It’s in this same Remera locale that the artist was raised in the ‘80s, and it’s from here that his appreciation of nature started.

Buregeya had last participated in an exhibition in 2014, when he took part in a contemporary art group exhibition in Sweden.

Some of the pieces on display. 

Locally, his last major artistic showcase was in 2012, at the Art For Heart solo exhibition in Kigali. He has also exhibited his works in Colorado, US.

The artist makes abundant use of fire, wood, and natural colours to create not only constellations, but also to express some of his favourite themes; traditional African motifs, Rwandan culture, and the African woman.

From vibrant flowers, long necked women walking with grace and in unison, butterflies, and the smiley faces of children, there was no shortage of color. The exhibition runs till October 30.

Buregeya's love for nature and the African woman portrayed on wood.
The artist made use of found wood to create constellations of the moon.
The constellations of the moon.