Twizerimana preaches unity in new song


Twizerimana sings about national issues.

Floduard Twizerimana and his brother Intore Tuyisenge are artistes in their own category. They prefer ‘patriotic music’ instead of singing about love and beauty.

Twizerimana, known by his stage name Limu, has followed in his brother’s footsteps, releasing only songs about promoting national values.

 The singer has released a new song that urges Rwandans to stay united as brothers and sisters.

Dukomere Ku Gihango is the 19th song Twizerimana has done. Many of his compositions dwell on the Rwandan culture and nation building.

Twizerimana and his brother Intore Tuyisenge (left)

The artiste is known for different songs that promote government programmes such as hygiene, security and unity.

Besides other latest songs such as Tora Kagame and Tubyine Intsinzi, the artiste has composed Rwanda Abakugana-which showcases Rwanda’s beauty, Inkingiy’Ubukungu, TugireIsukun’Umutekano, among others.

Twizerimana hopes that the new song will be a reminder to Rwandans to learn their history and live in harmony.

“Like they say, a country without culture or history is like a tree without roots. Young generations need to pay more attention to their country’s good history and culture to emulate their ancestors,” says Twizerimana.

In 2014 and 2016, the artiste was awarded by the City of Kigali for his songs that promote hygiene and security across the city and its suburbs.