Career guidance in school is crucial

Looking back to when we were younger, say in primary school, we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. It may come as a shock, or not, that only a handful actually made it to what they said they wanted to be. Very many are in fields that are not anywhere close to what they imagined they’d be.

I attended a career guidance seminar when I was in senior five; at the time, I wanted to be a lawyer.  But that quickly changed when I heard about how hard law is. So I started thinking about other careers.

It’s very hard to be sure of what you are going to be when you are still in school because you have no idea how the field you want to join operates.

Some students want to join fields because it looks like those in those fields look successful, and ignore the fact that they are not really passionate about it.

This is exactly why career guidance should be emphasised in schools. Motivational speakers can help shed light on some of the issues that students take for granted in regards to choosing the right career path.

Whereas parents have a role in helping children choose what careers suit them best, schools should implement the programme as early as possible and help students plan for their future wisely.

Perhaps this will also help the lot who find themselves taking on careers that their parents want as opposed to what the learners want.