Local government introduces taxpayers’ management system

Local government ministry has introduced a new tax payers’ management system (TNS) to ease pressures of tax collection from local governments.

It is also hoped the new system to be installed in twenty five districts and connected on the ministry central server will increase tax revenue collections.

According to the Minister of Local Government, Good Governance, Community Development and Social Affairs (MINALOC) Protais Musoni, the TNS is also to improve transparency and accountability in tax collection.

The minister said the system will help them in knowing their actual tax payers and improve compliance to tax payment in the country.

The new development comes at a time experts describe the old manual system as time wasting since tax fees paid in the sectors and districts would take a long process to be received by the ministry.

The old system would take the following process; reports from sectors are sent to the districts, tax officers would compile the report from sectors and verify the tax received at sector level, submit the report to the director of finance and then the district sends a consolidated report to MINELOC and Finance ministry.

Olivier Manzi, managing director Gravisio, a company hired to install the system said the old system would introduce errors during data entry exercise.

But the current system at the district level will ensure; easy management of tax payers register, easy analysis of tax and fees collected and controlled and secured data management.

At the MINALOC level, the TNS will assist in easy analysis of tax and fees collected by local government, having all local government financial report on line and automatic compiled report. It will also ensure time saving and automatic feedback to district level after data analysis.