Pro-people policies will do more for Rwanda

The government of Rwanda is striving to get the best for its citizens. There have been a number of either pronouncements or policies that have been made recently, all pointing to the fact of proactive thinking on the part of the country’s leadership that wishes the country to prosper not only locally but also make a mark on the region.

It goes against the grain of Rwanda’s leadership detractors that see no single achievement and jump at every opportunity to trumpet Rwanda’s woes, to see uncontestable positive steps taken towards rebuilding the country. Sometimes even foreign agencies are fed upon well-orchestrated lies, and they will not pass by an opportunity to publish ‘news analyses’ from here, often with grossly erroneous information that leaves the citizens and others who have been here awhile, wondering what is happening.

A few weeks ago during the Commonwealth Business Summit in Kampala when the President mentioned revisiting the issue of work permits in Rwanda with a view of abolishing them altogether, he succeeded in surprising everyone. Justifiably or not, Rwanda is perceived to be tough and uncompromising on some issues. It was therefore with shock that this announcement was greeted, because the so-called ‘liberal’ regional economies are far from even thinking it. And here was Rwanda that had just joined the East African Community, thinking so positively as to win the hearts of very many true East Africans.

That declaration has gone a long, long way in opening up Rwanda more than anyone would wish. The country needs skilled human resource, and so it looks to its development more than any other minor concerns.

With the expansion and rapid development of the economy, Rwanda knows that without commercial courts there will be complications regarding business arbitrations. But the laws of Rwanda frown upon non-Rwandans practicing commercial law here. So what do the leaders do? They are set to amend the laws so that foreign practitioners can be welcome.

If this is not being done in the name of the people for their prosperity with open honesty, then show me what is.