Why microfinance sector registered a decline in non-performing loans


Measures introduced by the micro-finance body to reduce the growing non-performing loans in the sector seem to be, finally, paying off. According to National Bank of Rwanda (BNR), bad loans in the sector dropped by 4.3 percentage points in the third quarter of 2017 to 8 per cent.

Bourse weekly turnover up, but volumes drop


The equity market closed the year flat, with no transactions recorded on Friday, the Rwanda Stock Market (RSE) weekly report shows. This follows a poor run on the equity market over the past two weeks as only just over Rwf1.1 million was realised during this period, according to the report.


Byukusenge eyes pro move after winning Rwanda Cycling Cup 2017


After winning Rwanda Cycling Cup 2017, Benediction Club de Rubavu rider, Patrick Byukusenge stated that his next focus is to realise his dream of riding for a professional team.

Rayon Sports draft Nshuti in squad for Champions League

Rayon Sports have surprisingly included AS Kigali attacking midfielder Dominique Savio Nshuti and Amagaju FC forward Hussein ‘Tchabalala’ Shaban in their squad for next year’s CAF Champions League.

Over 150 register for 2018 Miss Rwanda edition

This year’s Miss Rwanda contest already promises to be competitive with a big number of girls showing interest in taking part in the pre-selection rounds to be held in different parts of the country.

Yemi Alade arrives in Kigali, promises 'fireworks'


Nigerian superstar Yemi Alade arrived in Kigali last evening. The 'Johnny' singer promises the best show in Kigali tomorrow during the ‘New Year Count Down’ show at Kigali Convention Centre (KCC).

Mukurarinda on his plans to safeguard Rwandan music


A lawyer, singer, and songwriter, Alain Mukurarinda does not strike as someone passionate about music especially when he is in court wearing lawyer gowns prosecuting cases.

Kabagira on how she fell in love with journalism and fashion


26-year-old Christelle Kabagira is a journalist with Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA), presenting 'The Jam', and 'In Style'. Her love for the journalism began at a tender age until she developed love for fashion at a later stage.

The women who made a difference in 2017


Rwandan women have over the years made progress in various sectors, taking on male-dominated fields with zeal and confidence. As the year comes to an end, Sharon Kantengwa looks at some of the women who made commendable strides in 2017 in no particular order.

KWEZI AND I...Dealing with withdrawal symptoms

Happy Holidays to you all. I can only imagine the exciting get-togethers between you, your friends and your families. That is what Christmas should be about after all. Bonding. Well, I personally didn’t get around to doing that. I worked the whole of Christmas Day and just fell on my...

Seeing through big tobacco's smokescreen

GENEVA – We all know how bad tobacco is, that it kills millions of people every year, and that it harms many more. We also know that tobacco companies have consistently lied about how much damage their products cause.

The economists who stole Christmas

ATHENS – To welcome the New Year with a cheeky take on the clash of economic ideologies, how might opposing camps’ representatives view Christmas presents? Levity aside, the answer reveals the pompousness and vacuity of each and every economic theory.



Abisabwe naRwanda Revenue Authority; Amaze kubona ibyemezo bigena imisoro byahawe uruganda rwa Premier TOBACCO COMPANY LTD; Hagamijwe kwishyuza ibirarane by'imisoro;

Contribution to national plans for sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene services in Rwanda

As we approach the celebration of 2018 World Water Day (March 22nd), WaterAid reflected on its contribution to access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene under its partnership with the Government of Rwanda. WaterAid’s vision is of “a world where everyone has access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene”. The international organisation works in 38 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific Region to transform lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation. Globally, since 1981, WaterAid has reached 25 million people with safe water and, since 2004, 24 million people with sanitation.

Kasha launches

Kasha recently held their official launch at Inka Steakhouse, presenting a confidential and convenient way to access health and personal care products for women through technology.

The events, reforms that shaped the education sector in 2017


The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education”, Martin Luther King once said.

Use this break to set goals for your growth

Often when teachers talk or think about goals, the obvious thing that comes to mind is academic targets or students’ achievement. While this is great because you grow professionally and the satisfaction from student success is simply unmatched, you soon experience teacher burn out if you have no specific dreams...

Kigali Marriott hosts children to Christmas party


Kigali Marriott Hotel staff last week visited Masaka District Hospital and threw a Christmas party to bring hope to sick children being taken care of at this hospital. The party involved taking photos with Santa Claus, giving gifts to children, dances, and traditional plays, where the Marriott team played with...

Kali the young entrepreneur


In a small village called Bweje in the country of Jungu, there lived a father and a mother who had two children. The first born was called Kali and the second one Kamu.