Why roots and tubers export revenues dropped last year


Declining cassava production affected the export volumes of roots and tubers, Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) officials, have said. Dr Telesphore Ndabamenye, the head of crop production and food security department at RAB, said the crop was greatly affected by the cassava brown streak virus attack that destroyed many plantations.

Is your company prepared for the big data revolution?

Business data has grown exponentially in recent years, but its usage in driving forward companies had been relatively limited, until the dawn of the big data revolution. Now, more firms are moving to analyse the data they collect - be it on what we buy in the supermarket, or where...


The rise and rise of Rwanda cycling


It all started around 2008 when one Jock Boyer – a former American cycling star – realised how much cycling talent there was in Rwanda that he thought about nurturing the next generation of local riders. Officials would later discover the potential this sport has in the country. And the...

Karekezi faces Musanze in must-win clash


After playing out a 1-all draw against Burundi’s Lydia Ludic Académic in first leg of preliminary round of CAF Champions, Olivier Karekezi’s Rayon Sports will be seeking a win against Musanze at Kigali Stadium today.

Finest Dance Crew wins Street Dance competition


The Street Dance competition came to an end last weekend and Finest Dance Crew emerged winners at the tournament’s grand finale held at Nengo Ground in Rubavu on Saturday.

Young Grace makes musical comeback

Grace Abayizera (Pictured) popularly known as Young Grace is back on the music scene after taking a break to focus on her businesses.

What are some of the good practices in Rwanda that could be replicated in other countries?

People who visit Rwanda are instantly impressed by how clean and well-organised it is. However, the country has very many impressive practices and attributes from which other countries could stand to learn. Lydia Atieno asks: What are some of the good practices in Rwanda that could be replicated in other...

How to overcome envy and jealousy


If you are the kind of person that feels unhappy when others have acquired what you don’t have, that is a sign of jealousy and envy. God never blesses a jealous heart because it only thinks about itself and no other.

How to look stylish... without chasing trends

Not all women care about fashion trends. Many do not care for what is trending or how to keep up with style.

Why do I pass urine frequently?

Dear Doctor, Lately I find myself with the need to use the bathroom a lot more frequently. It’s worse in the night. I do not feel any pain when urinating but I do not understand the constant need to pass urine and it’s never really a lot. What could be...


Editorial cartoon


Long distance truck drivers have appealed to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) to help advocate for total removal of corrupt officials as well as unnecessary bureaucratic tendencies by officials along the principal Central Corridor route, especially in Tanzania and Burundi.


Abisabwe naRwanda Revenue Authority; Amaze kubona ibyemezo bigena imisoro byahawe uruganda rwa Premier TOBACCO COMPANY LTD; Hagamijwe kwishyuza ibirarane by'imisoro;

Kasha launches

Kasha recently held their official launch at Inka Steakhouse, presenting a confidential and convenient way to access health and personal care products for women through technology.

Motivate teachers to improve quality of education

The talk of education revolution will remain on paper if the primary stakeholders – teachers - remain less motivated. Policies can be made and a lot is said but once teachers, who are the primary implementers of those policies, are not well-motivated, we shall continue to churn out poor results,...

Incredible insects!

That sweet and sticky substance that we all love – at least a good majority – commonly called honey is actually bees’ vomit! This is not to put you off, but just so you know and also to prepare you to consider other foods that others consider delicacies.

Talent: Mpeta wants to become a top gospel artiste


Hearing his high soft soprano from a distance, you do not want him to stop singing but rather feel compelled to pull closer to listen more to the rhythmic melodies seeping out of his young voice.

Why I play games at school


Every time I go out to play with my colleagues at school I always feel happy and motivated to try new games, tactics and I learn from others. Playing with others makes me feel a part of a team and this makes me appreciate those around me and what we...