Why roots and tubers export revenues dropped last year


Declining cassava production affected the export volumes of roots and tubers, Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) officials, have said. Dr Telesphore Ndabamenye, the head of crop production and food security department at RAB, said the crop was greatly affected by the cassava brown streak virus attack that destroyed many plantations.

Is your company prepared for the big data revolution?

Business data has grown exponentially in recent years, but its usage in driving forward companies had been relatively limited, until the dawn of the big data revolution. Now, more firms are moving to analyse the data they collect - be it on what we buy in the supermarket, or where...


APR drop points to strugglers Miloplast

APR FC’s bid for the league title this season suffered a setback following a goalless draw against strugglers Miroplast FC at Kigali Stadium yesterday.

Pool Table competition set for March 2


The first ever pre-National Pool Table Championship competition will be held on March 2 at Belut Sky Pool bar in Nyarutarama. The official championship will start in June and will be held in different districts.

All set for Urusaro film festival in Kigali


International actresses and filmmakers are expected to grace the third edition of the Urusaro International Women Film Festival from March 3 to 9 at Marasa Umubano Hotel, Kigali.

Who are the nominees for Mashariki Film Festival?


The list of nominees for the 4th edition of the annual Mashariki African Film Festival is out.

What are some of the good practices in Rwanda that could be replicated in other countries?

People who visit Rwanda are instantly impressed by how clean and well-organised it is. However, the country has very many impressive practices and attributes from which other countries could stand to learn. Lydia Atieno asks: What are some of the good practices in Rwanda that could be replicated in other...

How to overcome envy and jealousy


If you are the kind of person that feels unhappy when others have acquired what you don’t have, that is a sign of jealousy and envy. God never blesses a jealous heart because it only thinks about itself and no other.

Haguruka: Amplifying the voice of vulnerable women and children


When she was a teen, Clementine Uwamahoro came face-to-face with evil that robbed her of her innocence.

My husband resents our son


My husband and I got married just after we both completed college and it has been a great journey so far. We have teenage twins, a girl and a boy. However, my husband has always had a soft spot for the girl and doesn’t seem to care much for the...

Crypto hawks and doves

Will cryptocurrencies usurp central banks’ role as monopoly suppliers of money, and what implications would that have for financial stability? Interestingly, a number of different answers to these questions are emerging, as monetary policymakers become either cautious fans or committed foes.

Working toward the next economic paradigm

Building support for a new unifying economic paradigm to replace the discredited Washington Consensus will be an analytically challenging, politically demanding, and time-consuming process. In the meantime, both economists and policymakers must ensure that the existing paradigm doesn’t cause more damage than it already has.


Abisabwe naRwanda Revenue Authority; Amaze kubona ibyemezo bigena imisoro byahawe uruganda rwa Premier TOBACCO COMPANY LTD; Hagamijwe kwishyuza ibirarane by'imisoro;

Kasha launches

Kasha recently held their official launch at Inka Steakhouse, presenting a confidential and convenient way to access health and personal care products for women through technology.

The age of critical thinking at play

The social media revolution has come along with a swarm of changes in the present times, some for the better, others for worse, but generally communication has been made easy. Few weeks ago, a certain friend in the twilight of her youth posted a comment on her Facebook wall about...

Pooh coffee!!!

Fancy taking some coffee with a waft of cat pooh? Then you are the right customer for the most pricey coffee in the world – Kopi Luwak coffee ! The civet cats eat the berries and other parts of the plants. Apparently the berries do not get digested but instead...

Why I play games at school


Every time I go out to play with my colleagues at school I always feel happy and motivated to try new games, tactics and I learn from others. Playing with others makes me feel a part of a team and this makes me appreciate those around me and what we...

Why pupils should embrace class presentations


Teachers do their best to ensure that learners understand their everyday class lessons and through different teaching methods, some pupils manage to grasp the lesson, while others hardly understand.