SPECIAL GUARANTEE FUND:Insuring against wild animal damages, non-insured, non-identified vehicle accidents

In a bid to strengthen social protection, the Government of Rwanda has continued to put in place programs that ensure individuals and communities do not slip into lack due to unpredictable calamities. The Special Guarantee Fund (SGF) can be considered as one of social protection programs put in place to ensuring the rights and well-being of the citizens.

BDF trains SACCOs in Excel skills

A total of 30 Sacco District Deans from the 30 districts across the country have been trained in basic skills in excel application at Beau Sejour Hotel Remera Kigali, under the yauspices of Business Development Fund (BDF) with an aim of equipping Sacco staff members with skills they need to optimize their appreciation and application of data analysis tools during their day to day work.

How RUB has changed lives of visually impaired people in Rwanda

When visual impairment struck him at 19, Ismail Habufite, without a sense of sight, thought his life would be ruined and dreams shattered forever. That time, about eleven years ago, Habufite was an artisan making postal cards that he sold to earn a living. “I got sick and became totally visually impaired. That time I felt hopeless and could hardly imagine how my future would be. I thought I was going to be a burden to my family which was also poor,” he says.

UK sight charity helps 2 million Rwandans

Vision for a Nation Foundation has supported Rwanda to become the first developing country in the world to provide all its citizens with local access to affordable eye care as screenings reach two million this month.