Banque Commerciale du Rwanda marks 50 years

  • By Peterson Tumwebaze
  • May 28, 2013

The Governor of the National Bank of Rwanda, has said Banque Commerciale du Rwanda’s marking of 50 years of operation is of great significance to the banking sector.

In an interview about BCR’s 50-year anniversary celebrations, John Rwangombwa said, “BCR has gone through difficult times but today I am happy and confident that as it celebrates its 50th anniversary, it is a strong bank that can only grow stronger. It is normally said that when you celebrate a jubilee anniversary, you have become an elder.”

Official celebrations of BCR, the first bank to start operations in Rwanda in 1963, will be marked on July 26.

Sanjeev Anand, the managing director, said celebrating 50 years was an opportunity and a challenge for the bank to grow stronger.

“When people reach 50 years they have grown old, but BCR at 50 means being much younger, energetic and still moving forward,” he noted.

Jane Nyiranza, who has been working with BCR for the past 28 years, said the bank has been performing at its best because of innovation, great customer care and its people-centred bank products.

“We always work to see that all our customers are satisfied. Our relationship managers see to it that each and every client’s challenges are solved,” she said.

As part of BCR celebrations, the bank has produced a 40 page special supplement detailing the transitional journey of the bank, the mission, vision, objective, products, share holder evolution market trends, network brand value and the future perspectives of the back.

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