43 selected for Miss Gender

  • By Susan Babijja
  • February 04, 2013
The contestants pose for a group photo.

FORTY THREE out of sixty contestants who expressed interest in participating in the Miss Gender University contest were yesterday selected.

Contestants came from various universities and higher institutions of learning. The selection was online and those interested were required to answer questions related to gender.

Ruth Mukasahaha, Managing Director of Ikaze Arts Agency, the main organiser of the event, said that the selected participants performed really well.

“We wanted university students who can really play a significant role in promoting gender equality; and they will be ambassadors in these institutions,” she said.

The organisers of the contest are working with the Ministry of Youth and ICT, National Women Council and the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion.

The contestants will undergo a one week training program to develop their capacity to promote gender equality in schools and beyond.

Fighting Against Drug Abuse is the theme under which the contest was held. Drug abuse is widely seen as one of the key factors that have led to gender based violence in society.

Through online voting, the public is required and expected to vote for their favorite contestants hence  contributing towards selecting the best five Miss Gender contenders on Women`s Day slated for 8th March 2013. The event will be held at Patite Stadium in Remera.

20-year-old EmillyUwamahoro, one of the contestants, said her decision to enter the competition was based on her desire to contribute towards the national strategy of fighting gender based violence.

This is the first time that universities will have a Miss Gender; and according to the organisers, it will be held annually.

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La Douce Murangira is very very beautifull than others, She will be the winner, number one!!!!

07:36:32 Thursday 28th, February 2013 remera - chouchou

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