Pregnancy scandal hits Rwamagana school

  • By Stephen Rwembeho
  • February 04, 2013
GS Nsinda school is in the spotlight over teenage pregnancies, some linked to teachers. The New Times/ Stephen Rwembeho.

The head teacher of Groupe Scolairie (GS) Nsinda in Rwamagana district has been suspended following reports that 26 students were found to be pregnant, among other allegations.

Emmanuel Usabye was asked to stay away from the school last week. He is also accused of neglect of duties and financial irregularities.

The minors were either found to be pregnant or recently gave birth while at school, according to officials.

The Police are investigating the allegations.

Francois Ndayambaje, the chairperson of Parents Committee, said the suspension would pave way for investigations.

“I discovered financial irregularities and high level negligence by the head teacher. His suspension long overdue. I gave the financial irregularities report to the police,” Ndayambaje said.

A teacher, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the school’s top administrators were blase to goings-on in the school.

The teacher linked some of the pregnancies to one of the former school administrators, who allegedly committed suicide last year.

“Teenage pregnancy here began in 2011. No one cared and yet this school is just a stone throw away from district education offices,” the teacher said.

Ndayambaje acknowledged that they had received reports of misconduct of some members of staff, but  blamed parents for not being strict with their children.

“With such levels of teenage pregnancies, we are heading nowhere as a community. The administrators gave bad example to children,” he said.

Theophile Cyiza, the chairperson of the Forum to Combat HIV/Aids and child pregnancy in Muhazi sector, said they blew the whistle after testing the children two months ago, adding that some students had caesarean births because they were too young for natural birth.

The State Minister in-charge of Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Mathias Harebamungu, also acknowledged that he had received reports of child pregnancy in the school. He blamed district leaders for not acting fast to address the issue.

“It is unfortunate that local leaders took all this long to take action. Otherwise, we started a campaign with stakeholders to check teenage pregnancy in schools couple of years ago,” Harebamungu said.

Parents reassured

The district mayor, Nehemie Uwimana, said suspension of the head teacher would ensure activities in the school are not compromised during the investigations.

He reassured parents, who were shocked and unsettled by the news, that the priority is being given to the smooth running of the school.

Meanwhile, the Governor of the Eastern province, Odette Uwamariya, has commissioned a separate select committee to investigate the allegations.

Uwamariya said anybody implicated in the scandal would face the law.

“It is disgusting to hear what happened to the girls. I want to see to it that culprits are brought to book,” she said.

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People have been debating to either have condoms in schools so that un wanted pregnancies can be avoided.But the opposition is huge. This is the result if we do not empower young people with right skills and tools. They will always have un protected sex.Thanks

05:56:23 Monday 04th, February 2013 Sudan - Joe

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Hypothetically the administrator impregnated 26 girls and committed suicide for fear of responsibility? Apparently this is common in many schools. Last year I heard the prime minister complaining about it ... something should be done 

07:30:26 Monday 04th, February 2013 kigali - claude

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Sex education will only be effective if it's kicked off home, shame to silent parents

07:43:05 Monday 04th, February 2013 Kigali - Jamali

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No, this outrageous! If still have people like the said head teacher. How are we going to have the Rwanda that we are talking about, imagine when you have 14, 15, and 16 yr old becoming mothers, then where are we heading? Rwanda of today does not deserve this at this very moment, this 15th Century practice and not close to the 19th Century

11:25:04 Monday 04th, February 2013 Kigali - patrick

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Uyu Headmaster agiye guhohoterwa, Akarere nikamuhagarika ku kazi, azakurikirane buri mwana igihe azabyarira, nibigaragara ko yatwite ari muri vacance, azaba ari uburangare bw'ababyeyi. Azarege Akarere bamuhe indishyi z'Akababaro. Kwigisha abana n'uguhozaho.Buri wese biramureba. Ibindi bigo byose baratwite, ahubwo we yazize ko yakoze check-up, none niwe ubaye umunyabyaha. Ubu se aba bana 26 bose batwaye inda mu minsi 31 za mutarama amashuri atangiye! Mwitondere ibyemezo bifatwa, ahubwo higwe ingamba zo gukumira kandi statistics zikorwa mu Rwanda hose kuko si hariya honyine.

12:28:42 Monday 04th, February 2013 KIGALI - AMANI

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OOh Gracious Lord!! Help our leaders especially the policy makers to design tough laws that will protect our young daughters. This should go a long with empowering the young girls and parents literacywise,morally and above all economically. Am afraid the parents may have kept quiet due to poverty and ignorance. As for the DEO and the Inspectorate, wake up!!!!

12:37:11 Monday 04th, February 2013 Kigali - Roberto Senga

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Wait for the Police investigations report, and then make comments. This is a very sad situation.

18:55:32 Monday 04th, February 2013 Kigali - Xavier Francis

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Yes Joe, condoms!!! This is done away from their parents and they will never tell you when and where.

19:01:46 Monday 04th, February 2013 Kimironko - Edgar

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No matter how well we design and enforce policies these young girls will always fall victims to these preys as long as parents, religious leaders etc shy away from sex education! Let us be open and embrace the culture of speaking out-TUSEME!!!!

20:03:12 Monday 04th, February 2013 Kigali - ali

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