President Kagame calls for increased efforts to devt

  • By Edwin Musoni
  • January 14, 2013
President Kagame shares a light moment with Prof. Anigbogu (L), Gédéon Rudahunga, the Vice President of Rwanda Leaders Fellowship and Mrs Rudahunga yesterday. The New Times /Village Urugwiro


President Paul Kagame has said that it is a responsibility of every Rwandan to contribute to the development of the country and none should tolerate any form of failure no matter the situation.

The President was speaking at the annual Thanksgiving Prayer Breakfast, organised by the Rwanda Leaders Fellowship (RLF).

The event was attended by senior government officials and business, religious leaders as well as senior officials from the US.

“We must do more than being thankful for our achievements; we must continue to work hard to achieve more. God gives you the basics only,” said the President.

During the day’s sermon, the guest speaker, Prof. Vincent Chinedum Anigbogu, the Director General, Institute for National Transformation, spoke about Singapore’s developmental journey since 1950s which President Kagame also referred to.

President Kagame noted that, “What God gave to Singapore is what has been given to all of us, what is left is for us to build on what we have to achieve more. We are not seeking to become Singapore but we can be like Singapore. We must have a vision of where we want to go and work harder towards to achieve it.”

In his lecture about building a nation, the President observed that it is not about personal achievements that build country, rather collective progress, adding that progress would be diminished when it is not shared by all Rwandans.

President Kagame pointed out that, it’s unfortunate that  some of Rwanda’s Partners in the West decided to freeze or cut development aid to the country but he hastened to add that recent development around aid is a lesson and a wakeup call to all Rwandans.

“They give us money from their citizens, but for how long should we be a burden of citizens of other countries? Dependency takes away our dignity and leaves behind an empty shell; the lesson is that we must double our efforts to achieve more than what we had projected. In this context, we cannot afford to walk, we must run,” Kagame said, adding that Rwandans should never accept failure.

Without mentioning names, Kagame disclosed details of his interaction with western leaders where he said he was engaged in tense debates challenging the westerners on false accusations levelled against Rwanda about the crisis in the eastern Democratic Republic Congo.

The President also criticised the enormous expenditure by the UN on MONUSCO where he observed that since the establishment of the mission, about US$20 billion has been spent on it yet there is practically no impact made by the mission.

“How can you spend money on anything and you are not bothered about what you get from the other side as an outcome? If you care then, what are the results? And if you claim that you made commitments to deal with the problem, did you succeed; did you fail, if so, how does Rwanda come into the equation?” the President questioned.

He wondered if there is anyone who could make a connection between the aid that was meant for Rwandans and the Congo crisis.

Also, President Kagame rallied Rwandans to live a life with purpose saying that, Rwandans must know what to live and die for. “I would rather be a victim of questioning than a victim of blind obedience.”

Referring to countries that have assumed a responsibility to dictate what is right and wrong for Africa, President Kagame pointed out that Rwandans will not worship any anyone apart from God.

A delegation of five US Congressmen and Senators who were in the country for a two-day trade-related visit attended the Prayer Breakfast and praised the initiative.

At the event, which included praise and worship songs, leaders thanked God for the country’s accomplishments in 2012, prayed for the 2013 development agenda, and dedicated the nation to God.


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00:27:33 Monday 14th, January 2013 KAGALI KANOMBE - SENDAGIRE EUGENNE

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C'mon guys, who edits these articles before they go to print or online? "Summon" for "Sermon"? Seriously?

04:24:03 Monday 14th, January 2013 Kigali - Denis

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I wish peope would chew the cud not simply absorbing what has been swallowed! Or either respect God's commandment that love your neighbour as you love yourself, possibly western influence in cover of protection, would seace or reduce. Israel and other allies of Germany were more than punished after the world war and they have this full experience.We do not want to be taken hostages of individual and or country specific and moreover western world interest. God heal the world!I do beleive that Rwanda will overcome someday.America was a new found land and never dremed to be as it is today! Size does not matter what matters is content, body mass does not count much but the IQ, population quantity is one factor but not the determinant, the days you spend on the world do not take the first place but what you did when you were on this world!Long live Rwanda, Long live truth, Long live Rwandans.

05:26:22 Monday 14th, January 2013 Kigali - Emmanuel MUHINDA

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"We will not worship anyone apart from God".President Paul KagameI am proud to be Rwandan. Agaciro twiha niko kazatugarukira!Strong point...Thank you, Mister President.

06:38:28 Monday 14th, January 2013 Berlin - Muzima

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08:51:22 Monday 14th, January 2013 East Africa - Katy

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Rwandans must understand that with our President, sacrifice and efforts put in the liberation struggle of our Country. The concrete foundation had been laid and a reasonable distance towards self reliance has been covered. Therefore, citizens of developed countries whose desire or pose as GOD of Africa "Rwanda" must be brush aside to clear the way of our vision. Bravo our President; your not alone. Struggle continues.

11:05:27 Monday 14th, January 2013 Nyagatare - mike

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i wish western presidents were wiseas our president.

11:15:06 Monday 14th, January 2013 kicukiro - muhumuza Richard

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Fellow Rwandans,we have distiny and it will not in any way be dictated by anyone just because he is from west.

11:19:37 Monday 14th, January 2013 kicukiro - Muhumuza Richard

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Am humbled by your statements Mr. President Kagame, i admire the way you have given out Rwanda as a nation to the hands of the Almighty God and Indeed God will never put you to shame.I feel this is why God is blessing Rwanda.May God grant you more wisdom and strength in your leadership.Am amased !

13:02:24 Monday 14th, January 2013 KENYA - MOMBASA - PATRICK MARINGA

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