Miss JoJo: ‘I’m happy to be a Muslim’

  • By Grace Mugoya
  • October 31, 2012

OVER four years ago, Josiane Uwineza made a decision that changed her life: she converted to Islam.

The singer, known by her stage name Miss Jojo insists the decision was not hasty; she had been studying the Islamic religion for long and as a woman, she believed Islam offered the strongest values of any faith.

But as soon as she converted, everything around her changed. Most of her fans received the news with a lot of skepticism- accusing her to have converted to impress her manager/lover.

Yet the singer, who changed her name from Josiane to Iman, insists that choosing Islam is the best thing she has ever done.

“I don’t regret a thing,” she says. “Despite all the negativity I have faced since converting to Islam, my entire life has changed for the better. I have dealt with each stressful situation calmly and peacefully. 

I have found a new inner strength from my religion,” said Miss JoJo, 28.

The “Siwezi enda” star said it was her decision to convert and that her boyfriend only played a supporting role.

“Honestly, my boyfriend never asked me to convert but people will always say what they want to say,” said Miss JoJo. “The most important thing I am concerned about is the way I feel about my decision but not what people say about it.”

Born in Bugesera, Eastern Province, Miss JoJo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the National University of Rwanda.

She is a famous R&B artiste and has won prestigious local and regional music awards including the 2007 National University of Rwanda Rector Excellence Award 2007 -Best Female Artist and, PAM Awards 2008-Best Rwandan Female Artiste, among others.

In the world of music genres, Miss JoJo is looking forward to developing a new genre that combines both international rhythms and Rwandan style to come up with a purely Rwandan rhythm and context.

After the launch of her latest album-‘Woman’ early this year, Miss JoJo is now working on a project to use her music in fighting drug abuse and encouraging the youth to abstain from activities that can ruin their future.

“I am currently working on a project to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and drug abuse among young people- as well as encouraging the public to participate in the national development programmes,” said Miss JoJo.

Besides her musical career, the singer is involved in humanitarian causes.

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