Head teacher disappears with school funds

  • By Stephen Rwembeho
  • October 10, 2012

Gatsibo–The head teacher of Gabiro High school in Kabarore Sector in Gatsibo District is on the run.

Julius Mugabo allegedly escaped with an unspecified amount of money belonging to the school.

Police is hunting for Mugabo, who is suspected to be hiding in Uganda.

According to Fredrick Rutebuka, the district Educational Officer, Mugabo disappeared three months ago, in what he described as a surprising incident.

He said an audit is currently underway to ascertain the amount of money the head teacher allegedly took.

“The disappearance of Mugabo astonished all of us…to the best of our knowledge, Rwf3.5m went missing when he left. There could be more money missing or property, an audit will soon prove it,” he said.

Richard Murego the Executive Secretary of Kabarore confirmed the incident.

He said that the runaway educationist has since been blacklisted as a fugitive wanted for the various offenses he committed, adding that Mugabo’s leadership was marred by a string of controversies.

“I am not surprised this man stole money and disappeared…he was suspected to have been engaged in spoiling young school girls and was a heavy drinker. Such an irresponsible person was not supposed to head a school,” he said.

The school is the talk of Kabarore town and indeed many of those who know it inside and out.

Parents complain that its academic standard was not at the level of other schools due to poor management and administration.

A concerned parent, who spoke to The New Times on condition of anonymity, said that the school’s level of discipline had greatly deteriorated.

The source blamed the district authorities, particularly those responsible for education affairs, for the failure of the school.

“Here is a school where students’ level of discipline was very low and academic performance remained wanting, yet, educational officers remained passive…so, the head teacher’s case is no surprise to me,” he said.

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