Young Professionals raise over Rwf670m towards Agaciro

  • By Frank Kanyesigye
  • October 06, 2012

Young Rwandan professionals raised Rwf670.9m towards Agaciro Development Fund (AgDF) during a fund raising luncheon in Kigali, yesterday.

 The event was graced by President Paul Kagame.

The professionals, grouped under Umurinzi Reflection Center, comprise young business leaders, youthful men and women in various leadership positions within civil service.

Through Umurinzi, the young professionals are involved in various activities geared towards wealth creation and rural development.

In his speech, President Kagame thanked the organisers of the event which he said adds significance to the project (AgDF) that has enormous value to Rwandans.

“People have made contributions and this shouldn’t be the end itself, we are still going on, the Agaciro you read and heard so much about, is about you, me and our future, it’s about the value, we want to give to our name and to our country,”  Kagame observed.

AgDF is a solidarity fund initiated by the Rwandans to improve the financial autonomy and accelerate the countries development goals.

Rwandans from all walks of life and in different parts of the world, as well as friends of Rwanda have turned out in large numbers to contribute to the fund.

The Head of State added: “It’s our future, when I look at all of you, I see Rwanda. I start asking myself other questions, how less important are you than others from other countries and find no reason that either anybody should look at you, as being less important or that you, yourselves should ever believe it, that your less important, there is no justification,”

“You are as important as human beings as anybody else anywhere in this world. As professionals it means you have done so many things, you have qualified for many things that put you in that category.”

“You are as qualified in many ways and by qualification I don’t mean degrees, diplomas, I mean the value in you as a person because you could still have these degrees but actually they may present no much value.”

Kagame said that some have put their qualifications to good use to the point it has raised them to the level above others. “We are trying to build ourselves and the nation to the point that nobody should see us being below others.”

“Why would you want to be seen as being below others, what is missing? We need to go beyond just being inspired and motivated so that we can do and make things happen. Rwanda has a very strong foundation based on values, traditions and culture of proud people” the President emphasised.

“You should be proud of yourselves, never ever want to be somebody else. Be yourself and only improve yourself so that you can be better.”

As Rwanda as a nation, he said, we want to learn and even learn from others and be inspired so that we build a better Rwanda not another nation.

 “So you better stand up to the worthy of the expectation, so that others behind you may even come and do better and move Rwanda forward.”

The President said every problem in any sense has a silver lining and as Rwandans there is a need to learn not to despair even with the hardest of the challenges they may face.

“Why should a citizen of another country have an obligation to feed me forever? This is almost blasphemy,” Kagame observed.

“We have high ambitions and few resources but we must get there, this is how people who give themselves Agaciro operate.”

“Agaciro Fund isn’t just money; the biggest value of it lies in the spirit we have as Rwandans.”

The Agaciro Fund has so far raised over Rwf21 billion.

The colourful function was also graced by guest speakers from Kenya and Rwanda who shared words of inspiration and motivation with the young professionals.

Dr. James Mwangi, CEO and Group Managing Director of Kenya’s Equity Bank Limited and one of the speakers said transformation of Africa lies in the hands of entrepreneurs.

On behalf of Equity Bank, Mwangi contributed Rwf100 million towards Agaciro Fund.

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President Kagame humbles me. His strength is in love, humility and decency.Those who think Rwanda isnt changing for the better are dead wrong, i dont know which script they read from. Look at our milestones since independence, in two parts: part 1.repression and discrimination, mass illiteracy and animasiyo, one party dictatorship, narrowing of the economy, biting poverty, division and sub division of the population, corruption, nepotism and "building the akazu", recruitment, training and arming of interahamwe, genocide, mass exodus of population, part 2. mass return of the population, dismantling of the interahamwe and their genocidal ideology, zero tolerance for corruption, zero space for nepotism, forging unity in our diversity, encouraging foreign direct investment, building infrastructure, reducing extreme poverty via unconventional means, expansion of quantity and quality of education to all without discrimination, eradicating nyakatsi(a pipe dream in Africa), rural electrification (unparalleled in Africa), Rwanda regaining her lost respect, keeping peace beyond our borders and beyond Africa, mature, decent, responsible and non destructive democratic and media discourse, reigning in the coercive forces (army, police, intelligence etc) contrary to the African template, a generally clean and decent government for 19 years contrary to the African template, achieving food security and mass medical insurance and last but not least investing in and literally being in constant love with the young people. A picture like this humbles even the criticos. Clearly our dignity was built peacemeal from 1994 but for some us nothing clicked, we just thought good things were happening full stop. A new Rwandese citizen is slowly but inevitably evolving from the two decades of building dignity. For this new munyarwanda being hutu,tutsi or twa is receding into his subconscious the same way being umucyaba, umuyenzi, umwega has done. in its place the young banyarwanda are being increasingly defined by interests, the exchange rate, the price of crude oil, whether labour is rewarded adequately, whether justice is available and in good time, what the capital markets are saying each morning, whether bright students will access scholarships and soft loans, religious tolerance (in a sea of intolerance)which agricultural products have a good price and where, whether the City's by laws need a review, whether services rendered to the public are adequate, which ICT products can accelerate service delivery,whether domestic workers have a good deal and so on and so forth. Listen to the discussion on the FM stations u'll agree with me. I know that Pres Kagame doesnt enjoy heaps of praise, he says it is us who have done it and we should praise ourselves, but let me say this from the many fellow banyarwanda I talk to, Bwana President you have been our guiding spirit and the energy. U've been our bread when we are hungry,u've been our shelter from troubled winds, u've been our anchor in life's ocean but most of all you have been the defender of our dignity and an honest friend. You are the best symbol of dignity Rwandans could have ever hoped for.God bless you.

12:51:16 Saturday 06th, October 2012 Nyamirambo - Hope

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To be honest this is one of my favourite speech President Kagame has made without reading (discour)! I presume, after his reign, President Kagame will preach the gospel, this is like one of the gospels that I have ever heard in one of the churches in Kigali. Valuing oneself is paramount, there is a saying that "Uwigize agataro ayora ivu" literally means that if someone makes him/her a trash can, will be used to take the trash! We really need to value ourselves because we are powerful beyond even measure, we are fearfuly and wonderfully made, we can do anything, we are blessed beyond curse, we are, we can, we will and we shall develop our nation. let us all have this zeal that is coming out of our dear President. Mr. President, I can assure that you are planting on a good soil, very soon, you will reap what you are planting, these young men and women are ready to fire before they retire and Rwanda will be on top in the future! why not? what is impossible? Nothing! Long live Mr. President, long live Rwandans, God bless each one of you.

22:57:27 Saturday 06th, October 2012 Kicukiro - Andrew Cohen

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