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Soap Opera: Forbidden Passion (Amor En Custodia)

  • By Doreen Umutesi
  • 20th Jun 12

Forbidden Passion (Amor En Custodia)   is a Mexican soap opera about a woman who is forced to hire a bodyguard not knowing he will make her fall in love with him.

Paz Achaval Urien (Margarita Gralia) is as beautiful, intelligent and an elegant woman. Her family is the owner of one of the biggest breweries in the country. Besides Paz is a successful businesswoman and millionaire, who is married to Alejandro, an unfaithful man who has an affair with Carolina, the exclusive model of the brewery.

She decides to hire a body guard called Nicolas Pacheco (Andre Palacios) to accompany her daughter everywhere she goes because someone was heard attacked the family house.  Paz also hires Juan Manuel (Sergio Bazanez) as her own body guard, but she ends up falling in love with him.

The drama and romance-filled soap opera starts showing this week on Star Times’ STVE2.


i love this film so much , especially aguirre and paz. babara nad pacheco

18:51:16 Thursday 06th, September 2012 nigeria - favour emmanuel

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