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Soap Opera: My Three Sisters (Mis Tres Hermanas)

  • By Doreen Umutesi
  • 02nd May 12

‘My Three Sisters’ (Mis Tres Hermanas) is soap opera showing on Star Times Capital Television from Monday till Friday 8pm. There are also repeats during the day at noon and on Saturday from 3pm to 5pm.

The story of ‘My Three Sisters evolves around the Estrada family. The family consists of a big brother Augusto and his three young sisters who he has been taking care of since the death of their parents.

It all starts with the funeral of Angela Estrada, Estrada family’s mum. She was buried besides her husband’s grave, Jacinto Estrada, who died some years before.

 Augusto decides to look after her three sisters when they were told that they would be distributed amongst other families. The eldest of the three sisters is Silvia “the general” who is married with two kids. The middle one Lisa (Scarlet Ortiz) “the perfect” and is a nurse at the community hospital.  The little one being Beatriz or Beba “the baby” is 16 years old and Augusto considers her partly as her daughter.

The three sister  have grown respecting their older brother like a father, but when Augusto gets married, Silvia a gets a new job, Lisa falls in love with Santiago (Ricardo Alamo) and Beba faces her adolescence crisis, instantly  things start to change and the family starts to go through so many obstacles.

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I lav every soap dat scarlet ortiz is in, shez avery gud actrez n absolutely pretty. i wuld lav 2 meet her someday....keep t up scarlet.

12:33:35 Sunday 27th, May 2012 Kenya - Hansumwayne

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love u liisa..we mis ya here in Namibia

05:59:47 Tuesday 21st, August 2012 oshakati,Namibia - bianca reinhold

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Doctor:Lisa my child!!!Lisa :Ah! my child??? it mean something you know!?!Doctor: Lisaa, what is going on in your head now!?? Fina: Ghoosh!!Lisa, YOU MADE IT PERFECT!! GOOD GIRL!

09:51:23 Tuesday 04th, September 2012 Dar es Salaam Tanzania - Miss Fina Aquiline (finelovemarry3@gmail.com)

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Is d film 'the 3 sisters' now in nigeria?

13:47:58 Saturday 13th, October 2012 Nigeria - Fati

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I like your act,you are the best in the world

21:49:48 Sunday 23rd, December 2012 Kenya - Daggy

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