Palapala, King James’ new single out

  • By Ben Gasore
  • May 15, 2012
King James.

AFTER two and a half months toiling, King James has finally managed to get, Palapala on the airwaves of Kigali’s finest radio stations.

“It’s mainly about love and I dedicate it to all love birds who feel love blossoming in the air,” the aspiring RnB star told The NewTimes in a phone interview.

King James, 27 said he did the song because he found out that many Rwandans do not take relationships seriously.

The single, which is already receiving good air play on all  radio stations, is part of his Biracyaza album set to be launched in December this year.

Though he’s involved in tours of the on-going Primus Guma Guma Superstar 2 competitions, King James is determined to continue working on songs for his up coming album.

“Travelling to all these places around the country is fun and it actually gives us a lot of exposure but it can also be hectic most especially if you are not able to manage your time” explained King James.


This song is amazing: Lyrics,lesson,melody,beat all are nice.

10:12:56 Tuesday 15th, May 2012 Huye - Ayebare

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