A life in the day of .... A street hawker

  • September 14, 2008

Dismus Nsengiyera, 20, is a street vendor, selling items like sweets in Remera, Gasabo district

I always wake up at 7a.m and take a shower. Ordinarily, since I am not a rich person, I skip breakfast. The money I would have used for breakfast, I save it and add it on what I have for lunch.

Having lunch is very crucial unlike the breakfast. At around, 7:30 a.m, I dress up. Before I head for work, I pick my packed sweets and chewing gums but before leaving for work, I first see whether the sweets are enough for sustain my clients.
I hit the streets towards 8a.m.

If my items are not enough, I first try to sell those I have and dash to a nearby shops and buy more for my customers. I donít camp in one place. I keep changing positions from one place to another; chasing customers to be more exact.

Since we donít have permanent places, there is always a motivation that the other side is a route to many clients which forces you to go and try your luck. My job is so complicated and it requires some patience. Sometimes, I earn nothing and go back home empty handed.

At around 10 .a.m, I keep on the lookout because police can fix you if you are not careful. Sometimes, I keep running away from the police. We are not allowed to sell in the middle of the streets.

Once in while, the police confiscates our things. This means, you have to go back home without a single coin. I use Frw3000 every day to buy what I will sell in the day but some times, I end of gaining nothing.

At about 1p.m, I start counting what I have earned and head to obviously a cheaper restaurant to have my lunch.

Before 2: pm, my lunch, is over and I start working till 6: pm and I retire back home. When I reach home, I head straight to bed. I rarely have supper.


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