Rwanda has 4th fastest internet in Africa

  • By Frank Kanyesigye
  • March 07, 2012
Even upcountry dwellers can access internet at Telecentres. The New Times / File.

Rwanda has been ranked fourth in Africa with high speed internet, after Ghana, Kenya and Angola in that order, according to Ookla NetIndex latest global internet speed report which was released on Monday.

The performance places Rwanda at 103rd position in the world with an average speed of 3.03 Megabits per second (Mbps). 

Speaking to The New Times yesterday, Antoine Sebera, the Acting Chief Executive Officer Broadband Systems Corporation Ltd (BSC), said that the report was correct because the country offers high internet download speed.

“We have plans to increase the speed in the coming years. Soon we shall again increase the amount of capacity on our international links provided on the submarine cables. This will lead the users to access international websites and content at a much higher speed,” he said.

Lithuania ranks first in the world with 31.67 Mbps followed by South Korea 30.59 Mbps and Latvia in third position with 27.42 Mbps.

According to the report, the ranking is made by measurements on millions of test results from which is based on the rolling mean through put in Mbps over the past 30 days where the mean distance between the client and the server is less than 300 miles. is a free broadband connection analysis software.

Sebera mentioned that is a good tool and reference for measuring broadband speed.

Users can test their Internet speed against hundreds of geographically dispersed servers around the world.

Ookla NetIndex is the global leader in broadband testing and web-based network diagnostic applications.

The company’s software and methodologies set the broadband industry standards for accuracy, ease of use and the subsequent development of statistical data.

Despite the fact that it is not the only one, it gives a good indication of broadband speed because it is based on results dynamically collected on the Internet.

According to the report, Ghana’s average broadband speed is 5.36 Mbps and the country is 69th on the world ranking, Kenya 76th with 4.84 Mbps and Angola 81th with 4.53 Mbps.

Rwanda currently relies on three submarine fibre optic cable systems for Internet connection such as the East Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSY), The East African Marine Systems (TEAMS) and SEACOM through local telecommunication companies and ISPs.

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Guys, show me this high-speed internet provider! Show me this provider right now! It must be hiding from us.

08:33:52 Wednesday 07th, March 2012 Kigali - George Walles

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It's the 4th most EXPENSIVE internet in Africa!!

10:42:28 Wednesday 07th, March 2012 Kigali - Steve

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We might also be in the top 4 cost wise. We were promised lower bandwidth prices once the ISPs connect to submarine cables. That has not happened 2 years down the line!

11:15:16 Wednesday 07th, March 2012 Kigali - Ed

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My friends, congratulations!!!This is the best joke of the day!

12:04:20 Wednesday 07th, March 2012 Kigali - Apollo Kaggwa

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"Despite the fact that it is not the only one, it gives a good indication of broadband speed because it is based on results dynamically collected on the Internet."This is not a very scientific approach to determine the Internet average speed in Rwanda.I suggest you connect to the following site where you'll get real time figures country per country all over the world from one of the most important top Internet server.

12:34:21 Wednesday 07th, March 2012 Kigali - Yves Godelet

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I am really mystified by this report. It classified Cote d'Ivoire as last at place no. 174 and Rwanda at 103. Yet it takes three times less time to load a page in Abidjan than in Kigali and at the quarter of the cost. A reality check is in order.

13:05:35 Wednesday 07th, March 2012 Kigali - John Kijana

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These tests and figures are totally irrelevant and do not at all scientifically represent the state of Internet connectivity.

13:09:22 Wednesday 07th, March 2012 Kigali - Yves GODELET

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What good news than also being highly charged,thanks to communication companies.

13:29:27 Wednesday 07th, March 2012 Kigali - Mark

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This is wonderful news! - I can now retire my cage of carrier pigeons and tin cans connected with string! Yes, the internet here is amazing and cheap too with incredible lightning fast up and download speed - so fast that it enables me to take holidays abroad whilst waiting for a letter to arrive.Inciteful reporting as ever and do people really believe this clap-trap?

18:00:44 Wednesday 07th, March 2012 Kigali - Andros Farce

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Guys rely on the fact. Visit each institute and test using speedtest you will know thw fact. Anyhow enjoyed the nice joke from ACEO of BSC when really we suffer from TEAMS fiber cut.

20:33:31 Wednesday 07th, March 2012 Rwanda - Bill Gates

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What a joke!

21:20:00 Wednesday 07th, March 2012 Kigali - Kigen

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good things cme with a cost. Dnt cry my brothers

21:45:02 Wednesday 07th, March 2012 kampala - Don

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What a complete and utter joke. Does the author use the same internet as the rest of us? How about a little bit of critical reporting...

20:02:17 Friday 09th, March 2012 Kigali - John

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New times! New times!!They should be another Rwanda somewhere that provide that high speed internet you are reporting. Incredible. But you made my day.

02:09:48 Monday 12th, March 2012 Kigali - Jo Bagaye

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The speed I get with Speedtest is between 0,03 and 0,2 Mb. Rwanda has the slowest internet I have experienced the last 5 years in Africa, anywhere.

00:13:21 Wednesday 11th, July 2012 kigali - kees

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